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McPherson Express Laundry Center is offering a new service that is available to all students of all local colleges. We are a fully attended, Self-Service Laundromat that opened November 7th, 2014. In addition to being the newest, most-efficient and relaxing Laundromat in Kansas, we also offer a professional Wash, Dry, Fold Service.

In light of these facts, we are proud to announce the availability of 2 (two) Student Laundry Plans that the students can take advantage of. Below, you will find a complete description for each of these plans in hopes that you will find one of them that best suits the needs of the student. Classes, studying, athletics, extra-curricular activities, work!!! With all that going on, who's got time for laundry? We do! Please look at the available options below.

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When you sign up for student laundry services, we'll issue you a Loyalty Card loaded with the dollar amount of your package chosen-PLUS a 10% Bonus Amount. Then, the student can visit McPherson Express Laundry Center anytime it is convenient for them and enjoy the relaxing environment while your laundry washes and dries. Or, you can leave (as we are fully attended) and an email will be sent to your smartphone, tablet, etc. when your laundry is about to finish its cycle. All payments will be processed through the washer and dryer by inserting your Loyalty Card and the amount of the purchase will be deducted from your balance, which will always be reflected on the card reader. Plus, the more laundry you do, the more bonus points you will build up that will automatically be added to your card balance.

OPTION 2: WASH, DRY, FOLD…we do all of the work

Just put your dirty clothes in a laundry bag and deliver it to McPherson Express Laundry Center and check in your laundry at the attendant's station. We will take it from there. We'll sort, pre-treat, wash, dry and neatly fold and package your stuff. When it's done, we'll call or email you letting you know your laundry is ready to pick up, all within 48 hours or less. All you have to do is get your clothes dirty and bring them to McPherson Express Laundry Center.

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